Harry Holland - Models


Pryd: 18/10/2018 - 15/11/2018

Amser: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm

Lleoliad: Martin Ti9nney Gallery

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18 St Andrew's Crescent Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales CF10 3DD

Gwefan: http://www.artwales.com

E-bost: danfonwch e-bost

Enw Cyswllt: Myfanwy

Ffôn: 02920 641411


This series of paintings has occupied Harry Holland for many years, beginning in the 1970’s. In the early years, models were too expensive for long sessions, so drawing was the main medium. The purpose was to study form and the various means and styles of achieving it, but as funds became easier painting took over and colour and composition were added as areas to be explored.

The portraits have been a valuable part of the working process, as well as being enjoyable for their own sake. The representation of surfaces like skin and fabric and of forms and interior spaces is part of his everyday work, and studying in this way has contributed greatly to his acknowledged skill.

These pictures were never painted as portraits in the usual sense of the word, nor designed to be seen by anyone outside his studio. Despite this, individual character and viewpoint have inevitably crept in and the astonishing variety and qualities of the human figure emerge.

This collection represents a remarkable achievement and is essential viewing for admirers of serious painting.